About Us

    In January of 2010, Noel Saabye left his full time job at Cartoon Network for the life of an independent contractor. Using the name of a personal side project, he created Clown Pirate Productions offering clients 2D Animation and Illustration. While the company is technically Noel himself, he has a network of several experienced artist & animators available to assist him in filling the requirements of the project. Clown Pirate Productions also partners with Jetmorgan Games to provide full service mobile app development. 

    Clown Pirate Productions past clients include:

    • Cartoon Network
    • Floyd County
    • Jetmorgan Games
      • Mattel
      • Activision
    • Awesome Incorporated
      • Cartoon Network Latin America
      • Adult Swim
    • Primal Screen
      • PBS
      • Cartoon Network Latin America
    • Three Atlanta
      • Children's Hospital 
      • Cabana
    • Skid Row
    • Smokin Rock n' Roll Food Truck
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